Voting is a fundamental plugin in any growing Minecraft server. Follow these steps to set up Votifier along with VotingPlugin on your server:

You require two plugins to set up voting:

  1. NuVotifier, for notifying the server of any new votes from external sites.
  2. VotingPlugin, a vote listener to link your players to those sites as well as reward them for voting.

You're required to install the plugins manually, a tutorial for which can be found here. Upon installing the plugins, be sure to restart your server to generate the configs.

Please install the above plugins before proceeding on with the tutorial.

  1. First head over to the Open ports tab on your control panel.
  2. Select any port that is of the type CUSTOM. These are open ports in your server which the votifier plugin can use to listen for votes from external sites. In our case we had gone with the port 18518, copy the port or write it down somewhere as we will be using it in quite a few steps. (Note: Open ports will be different for everyone).
  3. Now return to your SMpicnic Control Panel and enter your File Manager. Once in, select the plugins folder.
  4. Navigate and enter the Votifier folder (If you do not see this you may need to restart your server to generate the folder). Open config.yml by double clicking on it or selecting the file and choosing Edit on the menu above. Don't worry if it seems confusing upon first sight as we'll go through each section in detail.
  5. The host setting should be modified to host: This ensures that Votifier will bind to your server's address.
  6. The port: 8192 line needs to be changed to your CUSTOM port that you had selected in step 2. In our case we will change port: 8192 to our chosen custom port: port: 18518.
  7. These are the only lines which we have to change! The votifier configuration is now complete. Click Save, this should redirect you to the Votifier folder. Don't exit yet as we need to copy one more thing.
  8. Click on the rsa folder and you will see 2 files, private.key and public.key. Open the public.key file.
  9. Upon opening the file you will see a long line of random words and numbers, simply copy everything inside and paste it in a empty notepad file or sticky note as will be using it for later.
  10. Go ahead and restart your server. Once the server has fully started up, in a new tab open up your server console found on the control panel. In another tab, head over to Start by filling in the Minecraft Username with anything to test, I'm going with "TestPlayer". The IP in which you connect to your server (Without the port), the CUSTOM port from step 2, in my case, 18518, and finally the public key, which we had copied in step 9. All together it should look something like this:
  11. Hit Send test vote and you will be prompted if the vote was successful. You can also go over to your console in the other tab and you should see this message in the image below appear whenever a player successfully votes:
  12. You have now successfully set up NuVotifier! As for player rewards, that is where VotingPlugin comes in. You can edit these rewards per site by heading over to File Manager and navigate to plugins folder, and finally the VotingPlugin folder. Here we open up to edit VoteSites.yml.
  13. You will have to set up each votesite manually by registering your server on sites such as or, you can set each reward per site or have the server execute a command on the player when he does vote, an example set up of a site would be as shown below.

This currently set up site will reward the player with $1000 and send him a message saying "Thanks for voting on MinecraftServersBiz" when he votes for the server. Ofcourse you may reward the player with anything you wish as well as run commands for other plugins such as giving the player Vote Keys for crate plugins.

  1. Congratulations! Voting is now set up on your server. Here are some voting sites which you can signup to:

Happy mining! ⛏️