What hardware do you use?

CPU: High Clocked (4 - 5GHz) Intel and Ryzen CPUs
RAM: 4 x 16384 MB sticks
Storage: NVMe drives
NIC: 500Mb/s / 1Gb/s

How much storage can I use?

We have a fair use policy of roughly 50GB. We'll get in contact with you if we notice you're using a bit too much.

Can I move my server to a different location for free?

Absolutely! Just get in touch and let us know where you'd like your server transferred to: Contact Us

Can I upload my own world?

You can! We have a tutorial for uploading a world here: How to upload a Minecraft world onto your Server. Feel free to get in contact and we can help you.

How do I cancel my server?

You can cancel your server at any time by navigating to your Server Listing, clicking the button next to the Manage button and then click Cancel Server. We recommend getting in contact before cancelling your server as we're always happy to help fix any issues you may be experiencing.

Can I switch between different modpacks?

Yes you can! When switching modpacks, just make sure that you create a new world. When switching back to a modpack then you can just load the old world. If you're un-sure, feel free to get in contact!

What Curse modpacks do you support?

Everything! You can instantly install any modpack which is currently available on the Curse website directly through the ServerMiner control panel. Head over to the Curse Installer to get started.

How long does it take to setup my server?

As soon as you make the payment, your server will auto-magically be created by our provisioning system. You will instantly be able to start using and managing your server.

Which package should I buy?

This really depends on two things:

1) How many simultaneous players you expect to be online at any one time.
2) What mods you plan to run on your server.

Generally speaking, if you're looking to run a modded server then we recommend purchasing a minimum of 3GB of RAM. If you're at all un-sure, don't worry! You can upgrade your server at any time. The great thing is that you only pay the difference between the two packages.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my server?

You can instantly upgrade your server from the ServerMiner control panel by clicking the blue Upgrade button.

Please contact us if you'd like to downgrade your server.

How do I renew my server?

You'll receive a new invoice when you have 5 days remaining on your server. The invoice can be viewed here: My Invoices. If you'd like to renew your server, you can pay this invoice and your renewal date will be extended. All your server files will be kept exactly the same.

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