In this tutorial we will show you how to install and use Fabric on your Minecraft Server. Fabric is a lightweight, modding toolchain for Minecraft. Having it's own set of mods seperate from Forge.

ServerMiner allows you to instantly install any version of Fabric on your server, allowing you to get up and running with Fabric mods super quickly.

Follow Part 1 of this tutorial to install Fabric and Part 2 to see how to upload the Fabric API which is required to run Fabric mods on your server.

Part 1 - Installing Fabric

  1. On your Server Manager, head over to the Installer tab located on the left.
    Head over to the installer tab
  2. Scroll down till the Categories section and select Fabric Installer.
    Scroll down to Fabric Installer
  3. Browse through to find the version of Fabric you'd like to run and click the Install button.
    Select the Fabric version you would like to install
  4. Enter a name for your world and click on Install, this will then redirect you back to your control panel where your server will automatically start.
    Create a new world
  5. You have successfully installed Fabric on your server. Although, in order to install Fabric mods to your server, you will require the Fabric API.
    Congratulations You have successfully installed Fabric on your server

Part 2 - Installing the Fabric API for Mods

  1. Head over to the Fabric API download page and download Fabric API for the version of Minecraft you've installed.
    Head over to the fabric api download page
  2. On your control panel, head over to the File Manager and navigate to the mods folder. Upload the downloaded Fabric API jar file into this folder.
    The mods folder in the File Manager
  3. You can go ahead and start your server back online for the mods to run.
    Restart your server from the control panel
  4. Congratulations! You now have Fabric ready to play, add mods by uploading them to the mods folder in the File Manager.

If you're having issues creating a Fabric modpack, we recommend using the CurseForge app to create a Fabric modpack because it helps avoid incompatiblity errors. We have a tutorial to do that: How to Create a custom Modpack Server using CurseForge

If you're still having problems installing Fabric or Fabric API to your server, feel free to contact our support team at and we will happily help you resolve the issue!

Happy mining! ⛏️