How to install a FTB Modpack on your Minecraft Server

Follow these simple steps to install a Feed The Beast Modpack on your Minecraft Server.

  1. First, login to the SMpicnic Control Panel and navigate to your Server Manager page.
  2. Stop your server.

Stop location from the SMpicnic Control Panel

  1. If you are adding, updating, or deleting mods, we recommend creating a new world.
  2. Click on the Installer tab.

Change and Installer tab location from the Server Manager

  1. Scroll down the page and click on the FTB category.

Select FTB modpack category from SMpicnic Installer Tab

  1. To install the latest version of a modpack, click the Install button. If you'd like to install a previous version, then click the Versions button.

Install FTB modpack on SMpicnic Minecraft Server

  1. Finished! Don't forgot to also install the FTB pack on your computer before you connect to your new server.

Alternatively upload your own FTB ModPack

  1. First, navigate to your Server Manager page and stop your server.
  2. Download the desired FTB Modpack server files.
  3. Open FileZilla and login through FTP access.
  4. Delete or move all your files to another folder to prevent any conflicting modpack files.

Fresh install of FTB Modpack from Filezilla

  1. Copy all folder contents from the FTB Server Files folder to your Server's main file directory.

View if FTB Modpack files to upload

  1. From the Server Manager, click the Installer tab.

Change and Installer tab location from the Server Manager

  1. Click the CUSTOM JAR category.

Clicking custom JAR category via the SMpicnic installer

  1. If the upload was successful, then your custom JAR file should now be visibile.

View custom JAR files on SMpicnic

  1. You can then click the Run File button next to the file you'd like to run.

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