Follow these simple steps to add users to your SMpicnic Control Panel.

Please ensure your friend is registered at ServerMiner by sending them this link:

  1. First, login to the SMpicnic Control Panel and navigate to your Server Manager page.
  2. Click on the Sub-Users tab.
    Sub-User tab location from the SMpicnic Control Panel.
  3. Click on the Add Sub-User tab.
    Add Sub-User location from the Sub-User section.
  4. Enter the User's registered email address then click add.
    Email and Add locations for adding a Sub-User.
  5. Click Manage Permissions.
    Location for managing Sub-User permissions.
  6. Select the desired permissions for the new user.
    View of possible Sub-User permissions.
  7. Click Save.
    Save location for selected Sub-User permissions.
  8. Finished! You have added a new sub-user to your server! Happy mining! ⛏️