How to add a sub-user to your SMpicnic Control Panel

Follow these simple steps to add users to your SMpicnic Control Panel.

Please ensure your friend is registered at ServerMiner by sending them this link:

  1. First, login to the SMpicnic Control Panel and navigate to your Server Manager page.
  2. Click on the Sub-Users tab.

Sub-User tab location from the SMpicnic Control Panel.

  1. Click on the Add Sub-User tab.

Add Sub-User location from the Sub-User section.

  1. Enter the User's registered email address then click add.

Email and Add locations for adding a Sub-User.

  1. Click Manage Permissions.

Location for managing Sub-User permissions.

  1. Select the desired permissions for the new user.

View of possible Sub-User permissions.

  1. Click Save.

Save location for selected Sub-User permissions.

  1. Finished! You have added a new sub-user to your server!

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