Technic Server Hosting Rental

Creating your own modpack server is SUPER easy at ServerMiner. Whether it's just a private server for a group of friends or a large public server, we've got you covered! After you purchase a server with us, you can install any Technic modpack with a single click of a button. Best bit is there is ZERO technical knowledge needed.

  • Instant Setup
  • Every Technic Pack available for instant install
  • Private server address where you can invite your friends to play
  • Unlimited World Size
  • Cancel Any Time (No contract)
Modpack Name Description
Hexxit Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has been unearthed!
Attack of the B-Team Designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science! Play with some of the wackiest mods we could find!
Vanilla Vanilla Minecraft
Tekkit Legends Tekkit returns in this legendary pack!
Tekkit We have Liftoff! Tekkit has launched into a new era, and with it new frontiers to explore! Dimensions, pockets and planets, its all there for you and your friends to exploit and conquer.
Official Crafting Dead Survive a Zombie Apocalypse alone or with a friend! Do you think you have what it takes!?
Blightfall Can you survive on the blighted planet? Questing, adventure, and exploration.
PixelSpark - Pixelmon Fastest way to install Pixelmon mod + Bundle of other essentials! Automatically equipt with server(s), so you can play with others/friends!
Tekkit Classic The official Tekkit Classic modpack
The 1.7.10 Pack With over 200 of our favorite mods, HQM quests, LiteLoader, official Sphax support, Solder and more surprises, The 1.7.10 Pack provides the best playing experience - there's no doubt.
EZ Pixelmon Easy to use and install Pixelmon Pack! For those of you who have no time or wish to toy around installing mods themselves this is the best and easiest way to install pixelmon that you could think of!
Tekkit Lite The official Tekkit Lite modpack
Pixelmon+ Pixelmon+ gives you the best possible Pixelmon experience, with many other mods to make the experience even better!
Test Pack Please Ignore The official Test Pack Please Ignore modpack
Pixelmon Generations Official Pixelmon Generations, running on Minecraft 1.12.2 with a 100% PokeDex Gen 1-7. Pixelmon Generations can be ran on as little as 1GB of RAM!
Voltz The official Voltz modpack
Moddednetwork 2.2 Moddednetwork 2.2
Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmon 7.0.8 - 2 GB RAM recommended
Minecraft SKY (Official) Das hier ist das offizielle Modpack des YouTube-Projekts "Minecraft SKY".
Big Dig It might as well be cheating! Big Dig is a pack centered around a new kind of world generation, with large and frequent ore veins.