What type of server hosting would you like?

Minecraft Computer Version

A Minecraft Server from ServerMiner gives you total control. A Windows, Mac or Linux computer is required with an internet connection.

no limits!

Minecraft Mobile Version

A server for Minecraft Pocket Edition allows you to play when you're out and about! All that's required is an Android or iOS device with a Wifi connection.

on the move!

Check out those Awesome features!

 Instant setup

 Automatic backing up configuration

 Schedule tasks and commands to occur automatically via the control panel

 Instantly install mods. Including Bukkit, Vanilla, Tekkit, FTB and many more

 Full console access to enter commands to the server

 Get free server support with all plans

 Connect via FTP and upload server files

 Utilising SSDs and powerful Intel processors

 1000Mb/s connection to your server

 Multicraft control panel licence

 Automatic restart on crash

 Upload your own world and server files

 Install plugins instantly from the control panel

 Get your own free MySQL database

 Unlimited world size and bandwidth

 Your server is hosted 24/7, 365 days a year

Still not convinced? Try out our test Minecraft servers! Connect

ServerMiner Test Minecraft Servers

Please copy and paste the IP address which is closest to you. You can then connect to the server using your Minecraft launcher.

German Server: Germany.serverminer.com

French Server: France.serverminer.com

Los Angeles Server: LosAngeles.serverminer.com

Canada Server: Canada.serverminer.com