How to install PermissionEx

Learn how to Install and Configure PermissionEx for your CraftBukkit Minecraft Server.

Methods: Written or Video
Estimated Time: 4mins
Difficulty: Medium

Written Tutorial

1. Download the latest Version of PermissionEx here:

2. Login into your FTP Client (FileZilla)

Login into FTP Client (FileZilla)
3. Find the 'Plugins' Folder and Insert the 'PermissionEx' Jar (We also Recommend downloading ChatManager and Modify World)

4. Login into your Multicraft Panel and Restart your Minecraft Server.

5. Return to the Plugins Folder in FTP and Click the 'PermissionEx' Folder (Not the JAR, the Folder)

Click the 'PermissionEx' Folder

6. Right Click on the 'Permissions.yml' Folder and Click 'View/Edit' 

7. Edit the Permission for each Group/Player and click for a template:

8. Copy and Paste the Template into the Editor (Either Wordpad++ / Wordpad or Notepad)

Copy and paste!
9. Click 'Save' and Restart your Minecraft Server, congratulations you have successfully installed and configured PermissionEx.

10. Assign a Player to a Group (Such as Admin) Login into your Console and type: pex user username group set groupname

Type in console: pex user username group set group
11. Notch has been assigned to the Admin group. 

Video Tutorial

Top Tip: Download ChatManager and ModifyWorld so you can have extras such as coloured names and permission to build in certain World.

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